Saturday, January 23, 2010

Triathlon on a Cruise?

I went on a little vacation, a cruise it was my first time and went for a total of 5 days which meant I had to do all my triathlon training on the ship which proved to be very interesting.

The ship had a "track" and a gym so I figured it would not be that bad it was just a matter of finding time to do a work out in between all the cruise activities. As soon as I boarded the ship I went to check out the gym it was pretty well equiped I was going to have to ride the stationary bikes for at least an hour a few times and was happy to see that they had two of those.

First day I ran on the "track" which is basically an open area that goes around the ship was fine I was a little bored but it was fine. The strenght training I had to do also went well eventhough the gym was a little crowded.

The next day is when it got interesting. I had to ride a stationary bike for 70 minutes. A bike with a huge saddle and a bike that did not fit me properly. On top of all that I was stationary so I was really bored. About 40 minutes into it I started to cramp up just because I was so uncomfortable on the bike. Followed through with it and by the time I was done I could barely walk. That night my legs hurt so bad they woke me up.

Even with all this I still did all my workouts, did lots of stretching to help with the bad bike fit and now I am on firm land again so back to normal! The cruise was great though and my hat off to those who live on ships and still train for triathlons!

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