Tuesday, April 6, 2010

10 mile training run

Now that the 2010 Beaver Freezer triathlon has come and gone it is time to start focusing on the Hippie Chick half marathon. The Hippie Chick is about a month away and on today's training menu was a 95 minute run. I usually take the same route it is kind of flat and I am very familiar with it but today I decided to be wild and try out a different route that I knew would be a lot harder.

The wind is high today, I just did a triathlon a few days ago so it probably was not the best idea to go on a 10 mile run today on a harder route than I usually go on but I did anyway. The first mile is a steady uphill. Then a little flat/downhill and then back uphill for about 3 miles. Then it evens out with the occasional uphill and downhill. I worked hard my legs felt a little tired and heavy but all in all it went well. I am glad I went out of my comfort zone and tried out a new more challenging route. Hippie Chick half marathon, here I come!

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