Friday, April 23, 2010

Can I eat chocolate while running?

Yesterday I was at Champoeg State Park where the Hippie chick Half marathon will take place so my workout was to do a 11.2 training run on the path and test out the half marathon route. The night before I had a terrible night sleep as it was very very cold in my tent and when I woke up I was really stiff. I convinced myself to even though I felt tired and brought a Reeses peanut butter bunny along with my trustworthy Nuun electrolytes.

At about 5 miles I decided it would be a good idea to start eating the chocolate for some energy. It is really hard for me to eat while running so I basically force myself to do it and when I took the first bite I could just not swallow it! I forced myself to swallow the chocolate and I almost choked. I coughed a little and then washed it down with some Nuun and carried on with my run.

I ate more chocolate the run was really hard but I am really glad I did it as now I have practiced most of the Hipppie Chick course close to the race itself. Another bonus was the wonderfull scenery of the Champoeg State Park.


  1. The Hippie Chick is such a GREAT race, and such a pretty course. You will have a terrific time there. On the chocolate, the Reese's pb cups might not be such a good choice. They're pretty high in fats and I think they contain HFCS, both of which are difficult to digest when you're exerting yourself. Tastes good, but might give you problems in the race.

    in any case, have a terrific Hippie chick half!!!

  2. thanks! Yes you are right, I was not prepared and it was what I had on hand! I will let you all now how the race went! Hopefully well!