Monday, April 12, 2010

11 mile Portland Training Run

On the menu for today's triathlon training was a 100 minute run. The run went well and I am thinking I am getting more and more ready for the Hippie Chick half marathon, it is coming right up! I am not going to say that the run was easy but I felt really really good during my 11 miles. My coach will probably not like this but during the last three miles I got over excited and my pace was faster than it should have been, about a minute a mile faster.

A couple of interesting things happened to me while I was running today. The first was that when I left to go running it was rainy and then it was just cloudy with a hint of sun. When this happened I thought to myself wow its a beautiful day. I then thought I must have been living in Oregon for a long time to be so happy to see a little bit of sun! Only Oregonians think this way!

The second thing I was thinking while running today was that I think I am fit enough to complete a Half Ironman. Now I don't think that I would be great at it but I think I would be able to complete it which I think is a great accomplishment. So I think I am seriously going to consider a 70.3 Half Ironman for 2011.

Long runs, they give you so much to think about!

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  1. Awesome! A half is my goal for next year too! Then a full the following year.