Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Its True my Shoulder STILL Hurts

It has been five weeks since I fell and injured my shoulder since then I have only been able to swim once and it was will doing the sprint swim of the Beaver Freezer in Corvallis. When I did that swim my shoulder still hurt and my coach advised me against racing but I just had to do the Beaver Freezer! Anyway I was able to "limp" through that swim but it inflamed my shoulder and I think the injury regressed a little.

Now its about five weeks since the fall and I still have not been able to swim even though my shoulder is much much better. Now I am debating should I just ignore the little bit of pain and go swimming or wait patiently for another few weeks until I am closer to pain free? The later is probably the best idea this is just so frustrating. I want to get all of my triathlon training in!


  1. If it hasnt gone away in 7-14 days it will not. I suggest an orthopedic surgeon for an assessment and hopefully conservative care of anti-inflammatorys and physical therapy for some strengthening.

  2. Is it sore from NOT being used? Just a thought.

  3. good point, I was thinking about that before, but its just certain movements that hurt it. The more time that goes by the less it hurts. I have also noticed that sometimes if I sleep on my arm a certain way it is sore first thing in the morning.

  4. I started seeing a chiropractor when I started playing rugby. He would put my body back together after matches and tackle practice. I cannot begin to recommend a good chiropractor enough.

    Even though I am now a triathlete (my rugby days are behind me), I still see him. My running injuries are almost non-existent, and my recovery times are much faster.