Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bike Ride Through North and Northeast Portland

I woke up this morning and the sun was shinning! Yes the sun was shinning and the ground was dry! Spring is here and its going to be a good day for triathlon training! On the menu for today a bike ride through North and Northeast Portland. I have to ride for an hour so when I factor in the few traffic lights that I will have to stop at it should be about a 16 mile ride.

The ride I am going on today is one of the reasons I like Portland for bike riding I will be going through the city but the whole time I will be riding on nice safe roads. I will ride on one of my favorite streets for running nad biking Ainsworth I will also be on Willamette ave which has a very nice bike lane. So time to eat some breakfast get so riding clothes on and enjoy a beautiful ride in PDX! Training for triathlons can be so fun sometimes!


  1. I love the feeling of being out on the bike on a nice, wide bike path. Can't wait to get back out on my bike. I need to incorporate hills in to my ride this year. Last year it was all about time and distance. I kind of neglected the hills (then found out the Portland Tri is ALL hills!!!).

    Hope you had a great ride!

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  3. yeah I have to get some more hills in as well. Especially if I want to do the 70.3 in Sunriver and climb up to Mt. Bachelor.

  4. If I go anywhere on my bike it most likely involves hills so I get to use them to my advantage. I have a set of 2 that are each .25+ miles up so I go up one, turn around, go down & up the other, turn and repete. Not fun but every time I do it, it is easier the next time. My husband says I should be able to do 6 complete sets by the end of summer. I have learned to say "Show me the hills" when he is in earshot.