Saturday, April 17, 2010

7 mile run with no nutrition

On the menu for today's triathlon menu was a 7 mile run. Now as most of us now 7 miles is a good distance but today when running I made a mistake. I have been running longer distances so running for about an hour seems like a "short" run now. unfortunately today I underestimated the 7 mile training run.....

I woke up had a cup of coffee and some chocolate (weird I know I am not sure what I was thinking about today) and headed out for my run. After a mile I realized wait, I have not had any food and I have no water and still have 6 miles to go this is not going to be fun. My workout called for the three miles in the middle to be at a faster pace and I felt it for sure. I am pretty sure it was the lack of breakfast. I started to feel a bit dizzy when I was forced to stop at a red light with only about 1 and a half miles to go. I powered through it and when I got home I was lucky to be done. I cannot believe I made such a rookie mistake. Seven miles, is seven miles.

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