Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rudy Project Customer Service

I have been a fan of Rudy project and their glasses and helmets for a long time now so when I recently ordered a new helmet, the Slinger I was really looking forward to it. When the helmet arrived I unpacked it and unfortunately the padding from the inside of the helmet was not secured on the helmet properly. A couple of the pads were falling off. I reattached them as best I could and wore the helmet. Other than the pads having come off in the shipping process I was very satisfied with the Rudy Project Slinger Helmet. A few weeks later however when I went to get the helmet for my ride I noticed the padding had fallen off again.

I emailed Rudy Project telling them how I was a customer love their product but just want to let them know that the helmet I had bought a few months earlier was not 100% up to standard. I got a very quick response telling me that they would be able to send me some pads but they needed my order number. I no longer have my order number I told the customer service rep at Rudy Project. He asked for the credit card I had bought the helmet with and I told him that I no longer had it as it had been involved in fraudulent activity. I did give him all my other information and asked him if this was enough to send me the new pads for my helmet. He said no unfortunately I can't I need the order number or credit card number or it will cost you $5 for shipping. What?

I know $5 is not a lot of money but Rudy Project sent me a helmet that had pads that were falling out, why should I have to pay anything? And really they can't see that I ordered something by looking at my name address and phone number?! this does not seem right. The customer service rep at Rudy Project was very nice but he was unable to help me and if it is company policy to not satisfy a customer after they have received a defective problem then to me this is a huge problem. I am not sure if in the future I will recommend or buy form Rudy Project.

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