Sunday, April 18, 2010

Triathlon and Tree in Oregon products

Today is Sunday so it is my day off from triathlon training so I am taking some time to give you guys some updates on the products I am trying to sell that I have designed myself triathlon in Oregon t-shirts and tree in Oregon t-shirts. So far the response has been good. I have been able to sell two items in one week so that is not bad at all. Also I was able to download a lot of my designs onto CafePress and they can print even more of my designs on lots of other products. So far on CafePress I have Triathlon in Oregon, Tree in Oregon, Runner in Oregon, Bike in Oregon, Swim Bike Run, I run Portland, I run Oregon, I run Seattle and I run Chicago and these can be printed on t-shirts, sigg bottles, and so much more. I will put the links below so you guys can check out these cool designs!

Click here for:

So Check out these unique designs for runners, triathletes, cyclists and Oregon lovers! Email me with questions!

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