Monday, October 12, 2009

City of Portland Triathlon 2009

On August 23 2009 I did the City of Portland Triathlon, it is the last triathlon of the season for me and I decided to do the olympic distance this year instead of the sprint. This was going to be my first olympic distance triathlon so I was a little unsure. In true Portland style this triathlon is also called Freshwater Trust Portland Triathlon which brings awareness to trying to save our waterways. It is also the greenest race in the country and a very fun one.

The course consists of swimming in the Willamette River, riding through the city of Portland and running across the bridges that separate the city, it truly is a beautiful race and has a great cause attached to it.

The Willamette River over the years has had a bad reputation of being very dirty many people do not want to swim in it and when they hear that I will they think I am crazy but the river has gotten cleaner over the years and it has never made me feel so it is SAFE!

Overall it was a great race I highly recommend it. The volunteers and race organizers are great, all very enthusiastic and eager to help! I did very well except for a case of exercise induced asthma on mile 3 of the run.

These were my results:
Time: 2:59:21
7th in age group

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  1. hi, I use the Hal Higdon method. I will be strong in 3 weeks. Thanks.