Saturday, October 24, 2009

I-205 Bikepath, Portland, Oregon

My training for today was a 1.5 hour bike ride at an average effort of 3. When I woke up this morning there was impressive fog and frost on the ground but I could see some sun and it was dry so way better conditions than yesterday's pouring rain.

I suited up with my layers, bib tights, and Oregon Cyclewear wool jersey (which I love) and set out. Once on the road I realized that it was so foggy it would be safer if I stayed on a bike path at all times so I headed towards the Marine Drive bike path. This is a bike path I really enjoy its relatively quiet except for the airplanes landing at PDX airport and it runs along the Columbia River. Sometimes you can get a bad head wind at Marine Drive but today the wind was only 4mph.

Eventually marine drive hits I-205 which goes over to Vancouver, Washington. There is a path called the I-205 path and it is basically a path the goes in the middle of the interstate highway which goes over the Columbia, River. I decided to take this route today it had been years since I had been on it so decided to try it out again. It is really weird how you are riding protected by barriers in the middle of the highway. The path is in good condition a couple of bumps here and there and it is really really noisy from all the highway traffic. Once I crossed into Washington I turned around and came back home to Portland to finish my 21 mile ride.

All in all it was a good ride I am not a huge fan of the I-205 bike path although it is good to have something to help one cross the river. It was nice to just ride on marine drive with the cold sun and the landing airplanes.

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  1. good job on getting out there, i am actually from south africa but i live in dallas tx and wouldnt enjoy it much if i lived up north. it gets cold enough down here for me as it is.