Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Portland Cyclewear Vintage Wool Cycling Jersey

As the weather started to change I decided I wanted I nice wool jersey for cycling. I checked around and some of the prices were really high until I found Portland Cyclewear Jerseys. I ordered one on Friday, it is Wednesday and it is here! I love it! It is soft, fits well, and was affordable overall a good purchase and fast shipping!

They are a cool company with good looking product. You can have them print company or team names on the jersey and the jersey comes with one large pocket in the back with a zipper. I am pretty sure they also give different discount based on how many jerseys you buy from them. The best thing about this jersey is that you can also wear it as a sweater.

So if you are thinking of getting a nice wool jersey that you can afford I recommend you check out Portland Cyclewear.

They can be found at:


  1. Hello:
    I recently purchased a jersey with custom lettering from Oregon Cycle Wear. They did a poor job with the lettering - it was very sloppy. I sent them a picture, and they admitted that the work was poor. They agreed to replace the jersey. It took me two months to get it to them, however, and now they are refusing to fix their mistake. My experience with this shop has been very bad, and I don't recommend that anyone else purchase anything from them.

  2. Why did it take you two months to return it if you did not like it??? Can't really blame them if you want to do things by your rules. Every business has a return policy pal.