Friday, October 9, 2009

Garmin Forerunner 310xt in Review

Yesterday I posted that I wanted the Garmin Forerunner 310xt and the response I got was impressive. People have lots of opinions and suggestions on what do do which was very helpful.

Many people suggested the 305, they said it is not waterproof but for half the cost (its on sale at amazon today) you can just put it in your swim cap during the swim and then in transition 1 put is on your wrist. This way they say you can track the distance of your swim.

The things people said about the 310xt is that it does not track the distance of your swim because of GPS in water and your arm moving back and forth messing it up. Some people also said it was too big, and why buy it when you can get one that is half the price?

So I have made a decision, I think I prefer the 310xt mostly because I don't care that it wont track my distance in the water and because I do not want to have to mess around in transition. I just want to have a watch on that will not get messed up in the water and that I can bike and run with.

These are the main things I like about the 310:
1) the functionality is easier to use and simpler than the 305 and much much easier than 405 (which isn't hard!)
2) The transition function works perfectly
3) It's smaller than the 305
4) The virtual partner is easier to use and set up
5) The battery lasts for 20 hours
6) It's waterproof

So once I get the money I will get the 310xt. Make your own choice and happy shopping!

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  1. To whover claims that garmin 310xt does not work for swimming makes no sense. GPS calculations are made in time intervals. Say that every second the GPS sends a signal to space and back, the Net effect of you swimming will still be you moving forward. For the back and fourth motion of the arms to matter the GPS would need to request coordinates at an extremely fast pace to have any real effect on swimming distance calculations.