Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Must complain about the weather, at least one more time.

I am having trouble adjusting to the change in weather as you can read so sory for talking about it again but I must. For me there is nothing better than running in shorts and a tank top in about 65 degree weather and light.

Today I woke up ready to go on my 4 mile run. It was dark and it was 41 degrees brrrr. What should I wear I thought I don't want to be to warm but I don't want to freeeze. So I went with tights and a light long sleeve dri fit. My first half mile my hands were cold and I was thinking I am glad I wore these clothes by mile 2 I was too warm trying to roll up my sleaves. Frustrating, I just want to be comfortable!

Anyway I guess I could layer but I like to keep it simple maybe next time it will be tights and short sleeves we lets see what the morning brings us....

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