Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I want a Garmin Forerunner 310xt!

A while back I read an article in the newspaper about the new multisport Garmin watch the Garmin Forerunner 310xt and thought it looked pretty cool. I had been wanting a Garmin watch for running mostly because I wanted to try something other than the nike chip system. The problem I found with the Garmin watches was that they are not waterproof so every time I went for a swim I was going to have to take it off and that seemed like too much trouble especially if I was paying top dollar for a new toy.

Once I discovered the Garmin Forerunner 310xt I was excited to know that you could do all sorts of things with it most importantly swim, bike, run. Not only could it go in the water but you can buy attachments for it so it can be your bike computer and heart rate monitor. It also tracks your runs with GPS and you can download them! Very exciting stuff! The only bad thing I can figure about it is that it does not have an alarm, how will I wake up in time for a race?!

So now its time to save some money to try and buy it. Does anyone have it? Is it good? Any advice?


  1. I was pining for the 310, too... until I found out the GPS wouldn't necessarily work in the water, and same goes for the HRM. The advantages over the 301 are that it's waterproof, slightly slimmer design and longer battery life-- which shouldn't be an issue unless you're going for an IM.

    I haven't found any reason to get this over the 301, which I love, AND found on Amazon with the HRM (haven't bought the bike attachment, but I wear it when biking, which does nearly everything excluding cadence) for ~$160, which is less than half what the 310 will cost.

    When it comes down to it, I just didn't think waterproof was worth another $200, and had no problem taking the 10 seconds to strap on my Garmin at T1 in my last oly.

  2. Love mine. Had the 405 before, and it freaked out with my heavy sweating. HR data while swimming is useless anyway, so who cares about that. If you really want GPS data, put the thing in your swim cap. DC Rainmaker did an awesome review and shows you how it works. I personally don't care about swim data - just time. But I do like that it is waterproof and I don't have to futz with it in transition. I do not plan on using the quick release kit. Bad reviews on the wrist strap. So I just wear mine on the inside of my wrist so I can see it when it aero. Then twist it around for the run. SNAP! I also have it paired with my SRM for power data on the bike. And the battery will last through my entire ironman. Recap: Love it. Recommend it.