Monday, October 26, 2009

Profile Design Cobra Wing Handlebar with Sonic CSX Aerobar

As mentioned in an earlier post for my review of the Felt s32 2010 triathlon bike I am not that happy with the aero bars it came with. I was checking out the internet to try and find a good deal on some carbon aero bars and I came across the Profile Design Cobra Wing with Sonic CSX Aerobar. They look pretty cool and on my previous triathlon bike I had Profile Design bars so I know they are a good. These bars also seem to be on sale, I found them for $349.99 when the MSRP is $449.99 that's $100 off!

I tried doing some research on the internet about these aero bars but I really have not found much on them. I really do not want to throw away $350 on my new triathlon bike but they seem to be a good deal and really good looking and light. What to do what to do?

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