Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Triathlon Swim With a Snorkel?

A few days ago I was reading a triathlon forum when I came across a thread that said triathlon swimming with a snorkel is it fair? I was intrigued by the forum post and clicked into it to see what it was about. It turns out that people are doing their swim segment of their triathlon wearing a snorkel!? They guy who posted the link also said that it turns out it is not against the rules.....

I think that this gives one an advantage and should be against the rules. It would seem that if you don't have to keep coming out to breath and are good at swimming with a snorkel then you could in theory be faster. Maybe no the fastest but faster. Apparently people also use this snorkel technique in the pool where you do not even have to poke your head out to see where you are going.

Maybe I'm wrong and just jumping to conclusions, any thoughts? Should it be triathlon race legal to swim with a snorkel?


  1. A snorkel? Hmmmm. There is something about the purity of the sport that I find enjoyable. The addition of gadgets and accessories seems to detract rather than enhance.

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  3. How is it any different for those who have the money to use technology to make them more "aero" on the bike to slice through the wind or to shave of weight for less drag. Seems to me if you want to discuss fairness then go that way. A snorkel doesn't take away from any of the work load while swimming. Your arma, legs, lungs and core are still doing all the work, maybe a little more efficient which allows for a straighter path, but it's certainly not close to to the added advantages of from technology from the other two disciplines???