Monday, October 19, 2009

Waking up in the morning, to RUN!

I was all cozy in my bed this morning when in my dream an immigration agent was trying to send me to Australia for some reason. I tried telling him I did not want to go to Australia and as he was dragging me across a border my alarm went off, saved by the alarm, time to go for a run!

I looked out the window no rain and little wind great day for a 4 mile run. It is about 55 degrees so perfect temperature as well. I got dressed went out for 4 miles, I am not sure why I keep choosing the distance 4 miles but I do, my new coach at Personal Best: Multisport Coaching is probably going to change this. Anyway it was a good run a couple of hills and a pace of 8:03 so pretty pleased overall. Now that I feel good about my workout, time to go to work.

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